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Reviving politics of identity

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‘Why does it matter where the money for celebrations is coming from? Some have come from Taliban, some from Abu Salem, some from Dawood (Ibrahim), some from terrorists...,’ said powerful Uttar Pradesh minister Azam Khan, which some thought was a sarcastic response by an irritated Minister. The comments from Khan were well-designed and well-drafted and it had its desired effect. Media ran the Mulayam Singh birthday story 24x7. Samajwadi Party president Mulayam Singh Yadav’s 75th birthday celebrations have concluded. It has had the desired effect of creating more than a political ripple. The elite English media has seldom connected with the pulse of the masses, repeatedly proved by the outcome of the electoral results, and in this case too they managed to walk into the trap laid by the wily political fox from Etawah. For detail analysis, click here


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