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Rise of civil society

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Good morning ladies and gentlemen, respected guests, honorable delegates and dear friends. I welcome you all to the National Symposium on “Rise of Civil Society: Participative Democracy or Anarchist Dictatorship?”

It is truly a pleasure and moment of honor for me to welcome distinguished participants here today. In addition to key participants from academia, the business community and other esteemed organizations, it is an honor for me to welcome our chief guest for the roundtable session, Honorable Shri Sandeep Dikshit, Prof Subrata Mukherjee and other respected dignitaries.

In the famous Mahatma Gandhi's quote: “Corruption and hypocrisy ought not to be inevitable products of democracy, as they undoubtedly are today” Perhaps Mahatma Gandhi saw it coming long before we experienced it. Today, our society stands at a historic junction -a crossroad to be specific where one path leads to a society probably designed around idealistic expectations, and the other, a cautious, probably a distorted, practical and inclusive

A ray of hope can be seen on everyone's face present at the Symposium as Prof. Subrata Mukherjee set the boll rolling with opening note at the Round Table session form of governance. The two paths do not seem to merge, as of now. The rhetoric is gaining decibels by day with a possible showdown just round the corner.
Most of us may have heard various opinions on “rise of civil society” through numerous media mouthpieces. I believe, as expected from a democratic society, the space of candid discussion on the subject is still largely unexplored a platform where policy makers, academician, bureaucracy, members of civil society, and public at large can discuss the issue of unprecedented significance cordially.

We hope to achieve just that through this symposium. On behalf of CRD&J and InvestCare Foundation, I once again welcome all the delegates, key speakers and participating members who have offered credence to this influential symposium. I wish you an informative and insightful session ahead.


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