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National Symposium on National Food Security Act' 2013

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Dear Friends,

One of the avowed aims of CRDJ is to encourage informed discussions on current issues in public domain. The nation is increasingly being held hostage to the television and virtual world; dialogue on both the forums is very cantankerous in nature. We need to come out and discuss matters equipped with adequate knowledge, dignified language and patience to hear the other person. This cannot happen on a 30 minute television debate or in a 150 word twit. This can only happen when we meet in an environment learn and hear. 
Towards this end the CRDJ, in less than two years on its existence, has organised two very meaningful symposiums -- first on the rise of civil society and second on the role of multi-national enterprises and sustainable development.
The third in series is planned for the coming Tuesday at the India International Centre; this time on National Food Security Act' 2013. The attached invitation card would give details. I would be happy to receive you to understand the matter. Please send me a mail confirming participation, which is free of cost.
Otherwise one could also mail their opinion on the matter, informed opinion and not a political diatribe. We could consider it for publication the next issue of our journal -- The Discussant, which is internationally accredited and also registered with the RNI. 
Sidharth Mishra
Centre for Reforms, Development and Justice
New Delhi

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