Centre for Reforms, Development and Justice (CRD&J) is a body of academics, journalists, intellectuals and social workers registered under the Societies Act. It is based in Delhi. 

The avowed aim of the CRD&J is to create public awareness and opinion on the matters confronting the Indian society. In an era when policy making has entered public domain, it is important that articulation of opinion should be based on inputs from the cross-section of society.

CRD&J through its initiatives makes an attempt to consolidate the intellectual capital of the nation and put it in proper perspective without an ideological bias. It believes in liberal debate, assimilation of ideas, analysis of input and free dissemination of information.

The Centre encapsulates the vision of its president Sidharth Mishra, a senior journalist, author and academician. He brings with him a rich experience of exposure to the media and the academic world. He is ably assisted by the honorary secretary of the Centre, Dr Sanjeev Kumar Tiwari, who teaches political science at Delhi University.
Profile of Sidharth Mishra

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