Michael Smurfit Business School, Blackrock Campus, University College Dublin (Ireland)








In the first week of February 2014 CRDJ President Sidharth Mishra was invited to Dublin (Ireland) to present a paper at Leadership Conference organised by Smurfit School of Business and Centre for Humanitarian Action at UCD. The presentation on empowerment of tribal womenfolk of Jhabua in Madhya Pradesh through CSR by a team of volunteers from Community Friendly Movement (CFM) was well received by delegates, mostly young researchers from across the globe.

The Indian story is not that bad, was the common refrain after the presentation. The other eminent speakers at the meet, ably organized by Dr Karan Sonpar of Smurfit B School, included Prof Pat Gibbons (Dublin), Prof Damien McLoughin (Dublin), Gagan Khurana (Davos), Prof Maurizio Sobrero (Bologa, Italy), Himanshu Pasbola (Genpact, India), Ray Jordan (Self-Help Africa), Prof Ciaran O hOgartaigh (Dublin), Dr Catherine Bragg (formerly Assistant Secretary-General, UN), Prof Ed Freeman (Virginia, US), Prof Pablo Martin de Holan (France), Ryan Shanks (Accenture, Ireland) and Priyanka Tanwar (Barclays, India).

The session in which Mr Mishra made its presentation dealt with the topic ‘Rethinking Possibilities – Youth as Agents of Change.’ The presentation can be accessed by Clicking PPT Presentations                    Click for Video