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Policy needed to protect mediapersons affected by demonetization

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CRDJ president Sidharth Mishra on March 3, 2017 addressed a national seminar at the Central University of South Bihar at Patna. Organised by Centre for Mass Communication and Media, under the leadership of Vice Chancellor Prof HCS Rathore and Centre head Prof Aatish Parashar, the two seminar saw over 60 papers being presented on the theme – Media as medium for cashless economy.In his inaugural address – Despicable Demonetization Dialogue: How Media Missed Opportunity, Sidharth Mishra said that the whole discourse in media during the period demonetization remained in headline was personality rather than policy focussed. He lamented the fact that the media largely failed to rise to the challenge of creating an authoritative critique of the government policy and added that the dispute within the media ranks based on their degree of allegiance to the personality in question, turned the media institution into butt of several jokes.

Mr. Mishra emphasised that the demonetization discourse once again established the fact that the Indian media, especially the television and now social media, was not capable of rising above ideological biases while addressing issues even of economics and governance.

 said that the possibility of demonetization having demolished corruption modules within the media industry cannot be ruled out. Mishra though ruled out any role of middle-level newspersons in the acts of corruption indulged into by the big media houses. However, he bemoaned the fact that closure of media houses and their editions following demonetization, shows that moving towards a cashless economy has brought immediate heat on the defenceless newspersons rather than the media house owners.


Mr. Mishra said that protection by the government to the middle-level mediapersons affected by demonetization cannot be over-emphasised. He said that there was an urgent need for the government to bring a policy in this matter.

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