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Success Keys -- affection, integrity, determination and innovation

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Interacting with would be managers, CRDJ president Sidharth Mishra has said that little efforts lead to small wins and they together lead you to greater goals. He was speaking on 27 June 2014 at the prestigious Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida at the orientation and induction programme of the MBA course 2013-14.

Talking to a very diverse group of students coming from different social and academic backgrounds for a common course, Mr Mishra introduced himself as a story-teller and told them the story of half-a-dozen brave young men from an NGO called Community Development Movement (CFM) doing yeoman service in India’s most backward district of Jhabua in Madhya Pradesh under the a scheme of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The effort of these young men in association with their sponsors Gas Authority of India Limited has been able draft the largely tribal population of the district into the national mainstream.

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In his nearly 45-minute-long talk Mr Mishra related to them his vision of measuring success of a project. ‘It should be least measured through a profit showing balance-sheet,’ he said, adding, ‘success of a project like this is best measured with the level of happiness it brings to the benefactor and the beneficiary, the level of trust it creates between them and the level of integration it achieves between the two groups.’

Concluding his talk he said affection, integrity, determination and innovation were some of the keys to success of a challenging assignment like the one undertaken by CFM at Jhabua.

Giving closing notes on discussion, Dr Rajiv Thakur, Director of the institute, said that the day’s talk has introduced to the students to a completely new vista of challenging opportunities and that he looked forward to some of his students gaining experience working at such centres. Mr Mishra presented to Dr Thalur a few books authored/edited by him and also a copy of the latest issue of The Discussant -- the journal of CRDJ.

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